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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy/unhappy New Year 2010!!

Happy new year to everyone here's hoping for a better year :)
The baby seems to be so much better after his second surgery than he was the first time around WE are still waiting to see what happens but definitely better at 16 days he is so sweet and I can't wait to have his chest closed and the breathing tube out so I can hold him and hear his coo at me he's a lover already you can just tell. This was a huge surgery as well but he was older and is very stable Hopefully we will start the new year with a bang and on a better note

Big Daddy and the kids flew home tonight It was a last second thing like everything seems to be in our lives at the moment but good that they are home in time for school etc.

This was written the actual day of New Years Eve 2009.  That was a awful day for me.  My mom and I took my family to the airport and they really had to zip to a last second flight.  A Quick kiss and they were off.  I was one Sad Mama!  My mom dropped me back off at RMDH and I went to dinner.  RMDH has a dinner for most any holiday and so all these families were around me smiling and laughing and I struggle to keep it together in line.  I'm wishing I had kept them here.  I eat and go cry myself to bed.  I'm so exhausted all the time.  At the time you don't realize it but it is stressful.  I don't remember feeling too stressed but you are.  It's is such a pressure you feel like everyone is depending on you and they are. I still to this day feel like he stayed alive for me because I was there every day and I wanted him with me so much!  2 and 3 weeks into our stay nurses start saying things like it's so great that your here and it's so great that you visit him still. I say with I'm sure a confused look where else would I be?  What do you mean?  They tell me some parents stop coming they can't take seeing their kid sick so they stay away.  I am SHOCKED!!!  I would never!  I can't think of anywhere else I would need to be he needs me.  I understand that this is a super high stress situation , but still your baby needs you.  Another curious thing to me is parents who scream at the Dr's and nurses.  Why yell at someone who is taking care of your baby?  What if they are a bad person on the inside and harm them when you are not there?  Or decide to give them less than great care?  I never had this happen to my guy in the ICCU But on the floor however there is a nurse we will never have again.  I do not trust her and she has done harm.  I think she is too old to be nursing and I think she got my son mixed up with another patient and pulled his IV.  If you have a heart kid you know they are super hard to get an IV on you never pull it even if they don't need it.  Rude stupid nurse!!!  And she is RUDE  and made me cry both times I had her.  Actually if you have anything wrong in your body heart prob, blood disorder, cancer whatever your veins grow funny directions.  A nurse told me that.

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